rambling ratz

During one of our recent sunny spells, there were a couple of Dark-edged Large Bee-flies, Bombylius major, zooming around the garden.Photo of bee-fly

These have to be the cutest flies around, they have fat fluffy bodies, silly looking droopy skinny legs and ridiculously long prosboscises for drinking nectar. These particular bee-flies are identified by the dark pattern on their wings. They have a very swift darting flight and are very difficult to photograph! They do not sting and are not associated with spreading disease to humans, so you can enjoy them.Photo of bee-fly

They lay their eggs in the nests of solitary mining bees and the bee-fly larvae will then feed off the bee larvae, in a case of fly stings bee.Photo of bee-fly

If you spot one then you can record your sighting at the BRC website here.

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