The Dandiest of Lions

rambling ratz

The humble dandelion or as the Germans say it löwenzahn is generally considered to be a weed, an ugly nuisance that has no place in our finely coiffed gardens.  Well, think again.Photo of dandelion flower

The name of course comes from a misunderstanding of French, dent de lion meaning tooth of the lion. The French really should speak more slowly to English people. The ubiquitous yellow flower also goes by some pseudonyms; the French pissenlit and the English piss-a-bed. This is a little hint as to one use for the plant. It was popularly used as a diuretic. The leaves can be eaten in a salad, the roots and the leaves were used to make herbal remedies to flush out the kidneys and to treat gout.

Photo of dandelion flower emergingThe milky juice of the dandelion is said to cure warts, this seems a preferable method to putting a toad in a bag which is then hung…

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