Vintage Dairy Label Coasters Tutorial

Cheltenham Road

Vintage Dairy Label Coaster Set Tutorial  by Cheltenham RoadI make coasters (it’s possible you already know this).

What I don’t make is round coasters. I’ve tried in the past but never quite got it worked out to where the effort matched the reward.

While poking around the Dollar Store for my Halloween Candle Project I stumbled across a ton of plain, round, plastic coaster blanks.

It seemed like they had possibilities!

I was excited and full of ideas!

I snapped up a set and rushed home!

……And put them in a box and didn’t think about them for months.

It’s how I roll.

But I finally came up with a plan and, because Wylie E Coyote is my spirit animalwylie e coyote business card

I thought « why not show everyone how to make coasters so they don’t have to go to the hassle of buying them from me! »

So, you can check out the full tutorial over on Mod Podge Rocks (and…

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Mrs Sparrowhawk’s Second Course

rambling ratz

I mentioned in my last post that the sparrowhawk had downed another pigeon. Well she returned today to dine upon the unfortunate beast for a second time. She spent nearly three hours, plucking and turning her dinner to get at the best bits. She may yet make it last three days.

Isn’t she magnificent with her fierce yellow eyes and sassy stripey vest and pantaloons? I have previously blogged about sparrowhawks here.

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Recettes vegan pour le monde qui rushent à faire le switch

Conscience HumaniTerre

Tu aimerais ne plus contribuer aux souffrances animales, permettre à plus d’humains de manger et améliorer ta santé, mais t’es pas capables de te passer d’viande, de fromage pis d’poutine, de yogourt pis d’crème à glace?

Ne désespère pas!

Toute s’que t’aimes existe en version vegan. Sérieux, tous les repas, les goûts, les textures et les saveurs peuvent être reproduits à l’aide de végétaux.


Tu vas te rendre compte que c’est pas si compliqué que ça arrêter ou juste en manger moins. Fac le monde qui disent :

« J’serais pas capable de manger d’la luzerne pis du tofu »

Excuse invalide

Voici mes meilleures recettes pour t’aider à te passez des choses que t’aimes tant

Accompagnées de petits extraits poétiques par rapport à tout ça.
Et oui, même faire des recette m’empêche pas de philosopher
Hésite pas à les skipper (ou pas)

Ah pis oublie pas de bien mâcher, car…

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Funny Looking Bird

rambling ratz

This weekend was the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. I placed my camera trap on the bird feeders hoping to catch a wide variety of small birds. All I caught on it was this funny looking bird with a big fluffy tail.

Photo of sparrowhawkThe reason for the absence of the usual birds can be explained by the presence of the sparrowhawk. She caught another pigeon. At least it meant that I could add her to my bird count, along with wood pigeons, rock pigeons, collared doves, magpies, crow, sparrow, wren, robin and blackbirds.

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