Sultana Time!

rambling ratz

If I am late putting out the sultanas, these blackbirds will come up to the door and squawk at me!

You can read more about blackbirds in my previous post here.

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Angel’s Cat Paradise by Catastrophic Creations



Holy Cats Tails!! I’m so excited to share this new product I received from Catastrophic Creations. They create furniture that’s functional, with a lot of focus on design. From using techniques like wood burning to experimenting with materials like exotic wood and carbon fiber (coming this summer).

20160120_100905Catastrophic Creations cat furniture is Pawsome as their designs come in different wood colors and bracket colors and different colored material to match your room. It make the walls look like art even though I know it’s a lounger and playground for me, but that will be our secret. Let me show you my Catastrophic Creation design piece by piece and show you how I get up here.

20160129_112406 I’m ready to show you my playground. This is called a Floating Sisal Post Step. I pull myself up on this step from the chair I love to lay on. When you have your step you can put…

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Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

rambling ratz

More of a nimble bimble than a tiptoe in my case, on account of my being a small illustrated rat, but I can promise you of tulip

The unmistakable bold brash tulips add a splash of colour to the garden. The name originates from the Turkish, tülbend which some think is derived from the Persian delband, meaning turban. This could be due to someone’s fevered imagination thinking the flower looked like a turban, or because they saw an Ottoman’s turban fashionably decorated with a tulip; we will never know. The French insisted on calling it tulipe and the lazy English knocked off the extravagant « e ».

photo of tulipCarolus Clusius planted a few tulips to brighten up Leiden University in the Netherlands and they turned out to be rather popular with the Dutch. Tulpenmanie or tulip mania was born, reaching its peak in 1637. This is thought to be one of the first…

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Who is your favourite Movie Pet? Plus your chance to win 3 months supply of IAMS pet food!


Hi everyone,

Our friends over at IAMS are running a fun survey to find out who the nation’s favourite movie and cartoon pet character is! 😀 What’s even better just for taking part you could win 3 months worth of pet food. (Randomly chosen amongst all entries)

Picture Credit: Disney

Whether they were the best hero, the worst villain or the most loved, IAMS wants to know who you would give a pet Oscar too! So cast your vote here:

Picture Credit: Garfield and Friends

Terms & Conditions:

Competition is a free draw only open to UK and Ireland residents. Competition will close midnight 27/02/16 where one winner will be selected at random by IAMS UK’s PR Agency Speed Communications. Winner will be announced on 29/02/16 and contacted by Speed Communications via email. Prize must be claimed by 5pm 02/03/16. Competition prize is three months’ worth of dog or…

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Snow Moon

rambling ratz

The February full moon is known as the Snow Moon. This is because February in North America is typically the snowiest month. The Native Americans also called it the Hunger, or Bones Moon as food stocks and hunting opportunities dwindled.Photo of Full Snow Moon

Approximately once every nineteen years the short month of February has no full moon at all, the lunar cycle being 29 days (or nights). Tonight (February 22nd 2016) the moon was shrouded by clouds, but still bright enough to shine hazily through. Here in England though, there is no snow.

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Cat Travel: Bag of Nails the reluctant cat pub


Hi everyone,

Towards the end of last year Iain and myself went to Bristol to meet up with a few friends. What we hadn’t realised at the time was that Bristol had it’s own reluctant cat pub! Luckily our friends introduced us to this amazing place.

You are wondering why we are calling it reluctant cat pub? Well that’s because Landlord Luke Daniels didn’t open this as a cat pub due to the cat cafe craze! His idea was to open a pub and giving it a personality and is therefore a reflection of who he is.

As some of you may know I am not just crazy about cats but also about board games so to find a place that combines both…. Heaven! 😀


The resident cats in the pub were taken in by him because he is a fellow cat lover.

Our friend with the resident kitten below. 🙂

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