Blackbirds and Father’s Day

rambling ratz

Sunday June 15th 2014 is Father’s Day in the United Kingdom. Male blackbirds make excellent fathers; great link eh? Here we see daddy blackbird showing his young fledgling the best places in the garden to scratch around for tasty insects. He will also teach his young charge to wait outside the back door impatiently for some of blackbird & fledgeling

The Eurasian blackbird, Turdus murula is actually a member of the thrush family. The males have black plumage with a striking yellow beak and eye ring, whereas the females and youngsters are brown splodgy things. They are a very common and vocal garden bird. The blackbird is the national bird of Sweden. Up until the eighteenth century they were also known as ouzels. Most of you will be familiar with the nursery rhyme in which some blackbirds form the filling of a pie. It may sound like nonsense, but apparently during the sixteenth…

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