Snowdrops and Crocuses

rambling ratz

There is one week left of winter, already the United Kingdom has had the wettest winter since proper records began in 1910. So spring is just around the of snowdrop

The crocuses have been out for a little while, as mentioned in this post here. Last week the snowdrops joined them. Little droplets of white huddled together in clusters by the garden fence. Their posh name is Galanthus which is Greek for ‘milk flower’.

photo of snowdropsIt is a common flower across Europe, introduced to the UK in the sixteenth century, and is a welcome sign of spring. Their seeds are particularly tasty to ants, who in turn re-distribute them. Snowdrops also provide nectar for bumblebees and other insects waking from hibernation.

An alternative name for snowdrops is Candlemas bells, as they tend to appear at the start of February to coincide with the Christian festival of light. In Pagan times this…

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