Early Spring Flowers – Vol 2

rambling ratz

Hot on the heels of Volume 1, here is Volume 2.Photo of forsythia bloom The cheery yellow flowers of the forsythia indicate the start of spring. Let’s see what else we can find.

While the snowdrops are still dithering about whether to bloom or not, the crocuses sprout out and blossom. One of our lawns, which happens to be more moss and dog lichen than grass, is covered in them. They also pop up in the cracks of the paths. I know, there shouldn’t be cracks in the paths let alone stuff growing in them, but it’s good for the bees! I have previously blathered about crocuses here. They are a good source of pollen for emerging bumblebee queens. Sadly the recent strong winds and heavy rains have battered the poor crocuses.

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